Vroom® and Mind in the Making Resources

What is Vroom?

Vroom is a global program of the Bezos Family Foundation with the belief that all parents have the potential to create a bright future for their children. The free, science-based tips and tools help parents and caregivers give children a great start in life today—and an even better future.
Learn more about Vroom by visiting their website Vroom.org, and download their free app from one of the options below. 

What is Mind in the Making?

Mind in the Making (MITM) is about building essential life skills in young children.  It shows how to put groundbreaking research in the science of children’s brain development and learning to practical use. MITM translates the research and shares it with the general public, families, and professionals.
To learn more about Mind in the Making and the research behind it, as well as accessing free resources and stories of success, please visit mindinthemaking.org!

Join us for quarterly state-wide Champion Calls to learn about Vroom and Mind in the Making!

• Hear news and updates from our team about Vroom & Mind in the Making.
• Find out about NEW and soon to be released resources!
• Learn about ongoing support for you!
• See how others are promoting Vroom & Mind in the Making resources around the state!
Our calls will be quarterly in the months of November, February, May, and August.
If you missed our last call, you can watch the recording of it here.
For further information please contact:
Heather Martin 
Mississippi State Lead for Vroom and Mind in the Making
Phone: 662-325-0105
Email: heather.martin@ssrc.msstate.edu