Talking to Parents

Talking to parents about concerns regarding a young child’s progress

Nervous about talking with parents? We can help.

Find great tips for discussing developmental concerns with moms and dads. Here’s a few helpful reminders:



Share information with parents if they’re concerned about their child’s development.

If children in your care aged 3 or younger experience delays, begin with First Steps Early Intervention program through the Mississippi State Department of Health at 1-800-451-3903 or by clicking here.

Children age three and older in need of developmental services can be linked to Child Find through the Mississippi Department of Education which offers services and interventions for unique educational needs. These services are available at no cost to families.

Encourage parents to ask their healthcare provider for a developmental questionnaire.

Pediatricians, family doctors, and nurse practitioners can help mark milestones and look for any concerns by asking a formal set of questions about typical behaviors. Encourage parents to ask for these developmental questionnaires, called screenings, at well-child visits for 9, 18, and 24 or 30 month olds.